So, here it is, it’s finally the time to buy a car seat, and your asking yourself what should I buy?

You still have questions to think about that need to be answered. Questions like: What car seat will fit my budget? What will be the better buy for me: a convertible seat or an infant seat? What is the safest car seat on the current market? How long will my child fit into this seat? What are these so-called “travel systems” all about? Just as important are they expensive? A lot of questions, but the it isn’t overly complicated. By the end of this blog, you will have most of your questions answered and then be ready to purchase your car seat/travel system.

First, we need to start out by explaining the core differences between an infant car seat and convertible car seat:

Infant Car Seat: A rear-facing only car seat that is typically used by babies up until 2 years old (exact limits can vary on height, and weight). (Please check the your manufacturer’s website). It’s important to note here that you can’t go based solely on age! All children will grow at different rates. First you must go by the height and weight limits, then consider age. Infant seats known for portability. They are easy for on the go use, and to pop in and out of your vehicle. Most of the major car seats have a compatible stroller to go along with it, and many have adapters if your seat is not an exact fit to the stroller.Convertible Car Seat: Is both a rear facing and forward facing car seat in one. The best part about these seats, is that they change with your child as they grow! So the idea is that you buy one car seat for for your child instead of two(infant and forward facing) seats. Many of these seats can be used from birth until about 5-7 years old with the forward facing mode. It is important to note again to follow the manufacturers guidelines and rules for weight and height limits. There are two main downsides to this type of seats are: they are bulky and they are not portable. Convertible car seats were designed to be preeminently in your vehicle.Now that you know what the difference between an infant and convertible car seat is, let’s move on to discuss infant travel systems! Listed below are common questions we get asked frequently:

What is a travel system?

Travel systems consist of 3 items: a base, an infant car seat, and a stroller. All sold together as one package.

How much are travel systems?

Travel systems vary in price and are based on a couple of factors: materials and technology. Additional safety testing can also add to the price tag. Prices are from $100 for very basic systems and up past $1,000, for more luxurious models.

Are there height, weight and age restrictions on travel systems?

The age, height and weight limits on your infant car seat remain the same, however as your child grows past 2/3 years old, he or she may continue to utilize the stroller.

Why should I get a travel system?

There are so many reasons for buying a travel system. The main reason why parents are attracted to travel systems is portability. Ease of use when taking your little one from the car to your stroller, all done with one click! The great thing about the stroller part of the system is that once Your child out grows the car seat, you will still be able to use the stroller!

What are the best travel systems?

While there are many great travel systems on the market today, aside from safety you need to decide what is most important to you: price, looks, fold-ability, comfort, etc. Listed below are recent top sellers:

  • – Britax B-Agile & B-Safe Travel System
  • – Chicco KeyFit 30 CortinaTravel System
  • – Graco FastAction Folding Jogger Click Connect Travel System

Where can I buy travel systems at?

Travel systems can be purchased at your typical large retailers like Babies ‘R Us, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and eBay. For best pricing, you’ll most likely find it online.

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