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The best convertible car seats are dependent on features that simplify your life. Families today spend a lot of time in the car, whether it’s commuting to work, the grocery, soccer practice or vacations. Since we spend so much time on the go, it’s a no-brainer that a safe, comfortable and easy-to-use seat is a must have item for your kiddo.

Top 5 Best Car Seats


The Britax Pioneer 70 Booster Car Seat is a car seat that guarantees safety of children traveling in a car is an issue for almost all parents. If you are looking for a car seat that ensures the safety of your children, then look no further.

Britax Pioneer 70 Booster car seat is the answer to all your questions regarding the comfort and safety of your kids while taking long road trips. The car seat is designing with a special emphasis on comfort and safety which makes travelling with children hassle-free.

The Britax Pioneer 70 Booster car seat comes with a SafeCell technology that compresses and lowers the centre of gravity. This reduces the forward movement of the car seat upon impact. The technology ensures that the child remains safely in the car seat even in case of an accident.

The car seat is secured to the vehicle through two points of attachment. An energy absorbing Versa Tether is used for anchoring the top of the Britax Pioneer 70 Booster car seat to the vehicle. Due to the two points of attachment, the forward movement of the car seat is significantly restricted. The seat remains in place even in case of an external impact.

The stage stitched design of the car seat ensures comfort and safety of the child and reduces the chance of slipping out of the seat. The integrated steel bars ensure that the car seat is secured to the vehicle and the forward flexing of the child is restricted in case of an accident.

Technical Details

Item Weight: 25 pounds
Product Dimensions: 21 x 19 x 28 inches
Minimum weight recommendation: 25 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation: 70 Pounds
Batteries required: No

If you are looking for an option that ensures safety and comfort of your child without being a hassle to install in your vehicle, then Britax Pioneer 70 Booster car seat is the best option. It is a safe, reliable and practical option to make road trips with little children a lot more fun.


  • It keeps the body aligned so that no serious injuries are caused.
  • Head and neck are supported and pressure is minimized upon impact.
  • Through SafeCell technology one can be sure that the baby will not be harmed in case of accident.
  • Forward movement of car seat is restricted through the two points of attachment.
  • Steel bars and stage stitched design ensure the safety and comfort of the child.


  • It does not recline properly so kids have trouble being comfortable while asleep.
  • Quite big in size and is heavy.
  • Quite difficult to clean due to small spaces where dirt gets stuck.

2) Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite Infant Car Seat Review

Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite Infant Car Seat Review- Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite Car Seat is a Luxurious Car seat! One of the best inventions of this time has been the car seat. It allows parents to relax and also makes sure that the baby is safe at all times.

This Safety 1st car seat is one such luxury. Gone are the days when parents could hold their kids while sitting in the front seat, not only is it uncomfortable it is also extremely dangerous for the child. These concerns are justified and this is one of the reasons why the use of car seats has become necessary according to the law.

A baby’s security comes first and Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite Car Seat is an answer for concerned and protective parents. The Safety 1st comfy carry elite car seat is very easy to use; it has a flexible interior which allows it to be adjusting according to the needs of the baby.

It comes with an adjustable weather shield so that the baby can relax even on sunny days and also the parents could worry a little less for their infant.

Technical Details

Item Weight: 15 pounds
Product Dimensions: 30 x 17 x 23.5 inches
Minimum weight recommendation: 4 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation: 22 Pounds
Batteries required: No

The car seat is quite comfortable and has a very pillow-like feel to it so the child is in complete peace. The car seat is designing in a way that allows the baby to be securing in the car seat completely so that in case of a sudden halt, the baby remains unharmed and undisturbed.

The protective belts can be opened easily by the parents and they also provide total security to the baby. The sides of the car seat are also made to withstand any sudden force and also for the baby to not be jolted by any sudden force. The parents can be sure that their baby is safe and sound in the car seat at all times.

The Safety 1st

The Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite car seat is movable and can be carried around easily; it is small in size so it fits perfectly everywhere. This car seat is ideal for babies who weigh 4-22 lbs and are tall up to 29 inches. Due to the fact that the size of this car seat is normal.

It is ideal for small cars or minivans. The seat comes in different patterns of different colors so the parents have the ability to choose from the variety.

The lightness of the car seat is quite a special feature as the weight of the car seat is a great concern for parents. It is a great product but can be small for a healthy child which could make him/her uncomfortable.

Parents have had issues with the small size of the car seat and complained that their baby cannot fit comfortably, it is always best to make sure your baby is comfortable before buying a car seat.


  • It has a flexible interior, can be adjusting according to the baby.
  • It has pillow-like interior of the seat, good for the baby.
  • Protective belts keep the baby securely in one place.
  • Movable seat and easy to carry around.
  • It is ideal for small cars or minivans.


  • It can be small for a healthy child

3) Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air Car Seat Review

Safety 1st comfy carry elite plus car seat is a purchase that you would want to make. Not only is it designing in a way to facilitate the parents. It also comes in different color and patterns to look appealing to the eye. Though there is not a wide range to choose from but the fact that it is extremely safe is the most important thing about this car seat.

A lot of parents constantly complain about how their car seats are heavy and difficult to move around and they find these things tiresome but safety 1st comfy car seat has been specifically designed to be lightweight in order to facilitate the parents who have to carry the car seat around safety 1st.

Comfy Carry Elite Plus Car Seat was designed for comfort of both the baby and the parents has been kept in mind when planning for this car seat. A canopy is also a part of this car seat and can be adjusted according to the weather.

The padding in the car is removable-

The padding in the car is removable for easy wash and allows the car sat to be clean at all times. The base of this car seat is the most important feature. Due to the fact that it has been made for effortless use, the base can fit easily anywhere. The small size also is a great help when placing this car seat anywhere.

The latch system is equally great and is different from other car seats as it fastens the car seat with the car and ensures complete security of the child. Another great feature is that the car seat has the ability to recline so in case the baby falls asleep, one can easily shift him/her to a laying position so that he/she can rest properly.

It is very important to get a car seat these days and also it is against the law to travel without one, this car seat has been manufactured with the needs of both parents and infants and is quite a sensible and practical investment.

Video Review

Technical Features

Item Weight: 13.9 pounds
Product Dimensions: 14 x 23.5 x 30 inches
Minimum weight recommendation: 4 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation: 22 Pounds
Additional product features: Adjustable Canopy
Batteries required: No

With Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite Plus Car Seat the baby can sit and sleep in this car seat, thanks to the adjustable foot function. Safety of the baby comes first and it is advisable to get this car seat to make sure that in no way is your baby’s life at any risk at all.

It is approved by the ASTM safety standards and is therefore safe to use. The only drawback is that it is not compatible with various strollers and cannot fit into a shopping trolley which can be tiresome for parents and does not has a height adjustable function.


  • It is available in different colors and patterns.
  • That is lightweight and easy to move around.
  • That supports an additional canopy for weather purposes.
  • This is removable padding, easy to wash.
  • It is small in size and adjusts anywhere; base of the car seat is made for easy fitting.
  • Latch system is great and ensures complete safety of the child.


  • It cannot be fit into strollers.
  • It cannot be adjusted on a shopping trolley.
  • Height adjustable is quite an issue and serves as a problem when taking out the car seat.

4) Graco Comfort Sport Convertible Car Seat Review

Graco Comfort Sport Convertible Car Seat is especially designed not only for the safety of your baby but it has a very eye-catching appearance and unique style that makes it different from every other seat. Graco is a very well-known company and it is very popular for making innovative products like car seats and baby swings.

It is a very comfortable car seat with a weight of 12 lbs and it is suitable for babies from 5-30 lbs and older kids from 20-40 lbs. It has been assembled, designed and tested in USA. All the Graco products are designed for the safety and comfort of your baby.

It has versatile features that make it different from any other ordinary car seat.

Technical Details

Weight: 17 pounds
Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 20 x 26.5 inches
Minimum weight recommendation: 5 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation: 40 Pounds
Batteries required: No

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  • Harness to adjust from the front
  • Foam that absorbs energy
  • Body Support
  • Removable head
  • Cup holder for the baby

The installation process of this seat is very straightforward. However, in case you have issues, it comes with a catalogue that gives the instructions in detail. Graco Comfort Sport Convertible Car Seat cover machine is washable and it comes off very easily.

The other parts may be cleaned with a wet cloth. And you can clean the buckle by a sponge. You don’t have to use bleach to clean the baby seat; it might destroy the color and texture. Because of its light weight it is very easy to handle and you can carry it anywhere with you.

One of the minor concerns about this car is the unevenness of the shoulder straps, which some parents complain can be unsafe for the kids. One strap is always looser than the other. But this issue can be solved with the help of a hook.

Graco Comfort Sport Convertible Car Seat

Moreover, it has a removable head pillow support for the comfort of your baby. It could be removed and then re attached if needed. Graco Comfort Sport Convertible Car seat meet U.S safety standards and it reassures the safety conscious parents.

One of the good things about this car seat is that it can be used on airplanes as it passes all tests that the airlines require a seat to pass to allow it onboard.

The Graco Comfort Sport Convertible Car Seat can be adjusted according to height and tightness so that the baby can settle in comfortably. Moreover, it is extremely affordable and it is one of the least expensive car seats.

It comes in different colors and fabrics depending upon what you like. It is a very light weight car seat as compared to other seats. Has two buckle positions for the protection of your baby which are very easy to access. You can adjust them according to your baby’s comfort and need.

Moreover, some Moms have reported that this car seat is not as comfortable for the baby as it should be but overall it works well and is worth the money.

5) Graco Backless Turbobooster Car Seat Reviews

Graco Backless Turbobooster Car Seat will give your child that they actually want to get saddled in. Its padded cushion and comfortable armrest are its attracting feature. It is especially designed for not only the convenience of your baby but it also has a unique backless appearance that makes it different from every other car seat.

This is best for kids from the age of 4 to 10 years olds who have a weight of 40 to 100 pounds and are 40 to 57 inches tall.

Graco has always been known for making the best baby products and Graco Backless TurboBooster is a brilliant example of this. It is a very comforting ride for the baby. It has EPS foam in the cushion that protects the baby from getting too warm via heat management.

The installation process is very easy as the manual is given with this product and necessary instructions are written on the belts on how to lock or unlock this product. It has other amazing features like left/right armrests, head support and body pillows.

Graco Backless Turbo Booster Car Seat

There are dual cup holders for storing water. The armrests are to be adjusted according to the height of your baby. According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) school-aged children should use this Graco Backless TurboBooster seat. For busy moms, this product is ideal because with this ride, your baby will feel comfortable and happy. After all, a comfortable kid is a happy kid.

Graco Backless TurboBooster is designed and assembled in USA. It has been tested to meet U.S. safety standards. It is one of the most stylish baby seats which make them very attractive for mothers who are fashion conscious.

Washing process is also very easy. The seat covers comes off very easily and are washable. The plastic and metal parts are to be cleaned with a damp cloth. Don’t use bleach on this product, it might destroy the color and texture of the body.

Technical Details

Item Weight: 4.7 pounds
Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 16.2 x 8.6 inches
Minimum weight recommendation: 40 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation: 100 Pounds
Minimum height recommendation: 40 inches
Maximum height recommendation: 57 inches

This product is not expensive which makes it even more appealing. It is a lightweight product which is very easy to handle and can be carried anywhere. It comes in almost all the colors depending upon your child, whether you have a baby girl or a boy.

Some parents have reported that because of the backless feature the comfort level is not where it should be. But on the whole Graco Backless TurboBooster is a very comfortable combination seat.